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  • Our Individual Lashes Was Made To Create Your Perfect Custom Lash,

    Wether You Want To Create Glam, Wispey, Cat Eye Or Natural Lash Look Amer'e Individual Lashes Got You Covered. 

    Ranging in Lenghts From 8mm-14mm 

    Made Using High Quality Silk For Soft And Light Lash Hairs.

    Each Box Contains 60 Clusters.


    How To Wear:

    - Above Your Natural Lashes Along The Lash Line, Create Your prefer Lash Look By Mixing At Least 3 sizes. 

    - Under You Natural Lashes For a Seamless At Home Lash Extension Look That Can Last 4+ Days.


    Why You Will Like Our Individual Lashes:

    - Easy Application 

    - Can Create The Style You Want

    - Blends Seamlessly With Your Lash Line

    - 60 Cluster Per Pack

    - Vegan And Cruelty Free



    * Adhesive Not Included.

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